My Philosophy

On children’s books, that is.

Reading is important. Loving to read is important too. I believe that reading is the most empowering ability a person can possess. With that one skill, one can learn, experience, transform, grow and understand. Reading is an absolutely necessary part of life if one aspires to join the ranks of the intelligent, the cultured and the informed.

It’s never too early to start reading to a child. Fetuses are “especially receptive to sounds from the mother’s body and the external environment.”

It’s also never too late to start. Just because a child has not taken to reading doesn’t mean he or she won’t. You may just need to find what it is they love, a way in. If a child reads and enjoys just one thing, then you have a starting point and a foundation to build on.

Books provide comfort, a safe place to cuddle up and relax. They can provide moments of calm in what may otherwise be a hectic, crazy whirlwind of alarms, school, work, practice, meals, homework and life.

We can only ever experience life as ourselves but reading a book can provide an alternate point of view. We can know what it is to experience life as someone else. We can feel what others have been through, go places they’ve been, meet people they know, learn what they know. And these treasures can be accessed freely!

Reading can be a personal activity, something tranquil, an escape. Books take their reader to another place. Reading can be a group activity, a family can choose a book to read together, or a person can join a book club and share reading with others.

Have a difficult topic to broach with your young child? There’s a book for that. Want to visit a far off land? There’s a book for that. Need to learn about how rockets are made? Want to know what it was like to live in ancient India? Wonder what it’s like to live with a disability? Need to explain why butterflies migrate? There’s book for each of those too.

If you encourage reading, foster a love of books, and fill your home with them, you’ll have a reader on your hands. And once you have a reader, there are no limits to what can be learned.

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  1. 1

    radhika25 said,

    I love that you are writing children’s book reviews! I thought I was the only one obsessed with kid’s books. Am signing up to follow your blog 🙂

  2. 2

    Karina Rook said,

    I loved to read to my kids, I think the humorous books were our favorite. The author Babette Cole managed to broach controversial topics with ease, and have us all in stitches at the same time.
    Good books are the best gift for a child, at Xmas, birthdays, or just because….

  3. 4

    So true…our lil six year old daughter is unschooled and is a ravenous reader…when we offer the opportunity, our children’s natural curiosity blossoms!

  4. 5

    LK Trowers said,

    I’m so glad I read this. I began reading to my son when he was a matter of only 12 weeks old. Now at 13 years of age, I no longer read to him because he reads voraciously for himself and has a book case to the ceiling filled to overflowing. I miss not reading aloud anymore but enjoy the fact that he now recommends books to me instead. You are absolutely right – it is never too young to read to your child. There are so many wonderful children’s books out there these days and I never tire or introducing my younger nephews and nieces to the joys of a good story well told.

  5. 6

    mkdickerson said,

    You are a wonderful ambassador for reading. Your blog inspires me. Growing up, my mother was constantly encouraging me to read, because, she said, reading could change my life. Reading could help me to become a better person and realize my dreams. And it she was right. The world needs people like you with a real passion to pass on the love for reading.

  6. 8

    atothewr said,

    I love the way you close that, that’s a great statement to make about reading. I hope I can do that for my son.

  7. 9

    lauriebest said,

    I totally agree with your philosophy. I have always been an avid reader and it has rubbed off (sometimes with difficulty!) on my three kids. My eldest daughter recently finished her PhD in Creative Writing and, as you have discovered, now deigns to write a humorous blog with me, her proud mom! We hope you continue to enjoy our blog. As an aside, I remember the Book House series fondly from my childhood. You are so fortunate to have known and worked with Maurice Sendak!

  8. 11

    I love your philosophy. Books are such a refuge. Some of my favorite moments growing up were getting lost in books. And now as a mother, the favorite moments in my day are sitting with a book and a child on my lap during reading time. I’m excited to see more of your selections!

  9. 12

    JulesPaige said,

    My grandson is under three, and loves books. When reading a chubby board book with few words – those that describe colors or names that he says I congratulate him on ‘reading’. 🙂

  10. 13

    So true…I was an avid reader…see me under the covers with the flashlight at 14…when I was in my Stephen King phase…I am so fortunate that both my boys ages 6 and 2 love their books and going to the library…

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